Calathea Concinna ‘Freddie’

Meet Calathea Concinna ‘Freddie’: Your Dynamic Prayer Plant! With its captivating foliage that folds upward at night, ‘Freddie’ brings a touch of natural rhythm to any space. Admire its striking patterns of green and white, and watch as it adds a dose of charm and elegance to your indoor oasis. Easy to care for and visually captivating, ‘Freddie’ is the perfect choice for plant enthusiasts of all levels. Bring home a touch of natural beauty with Calathea Concinna ‘Freddie’ today!

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Calathea Concinna ‘Freddie,’ a delightful addition to any indoor garden with its charming foliage and easy-care nature. ‘Freddie,’ also known as the Prayer Plant, features strikingly patterned leaves with intricate markings that resemble delicate brushstrokes. The vibrant green leaves are adorned with contrasting stripes of dark green and creamy white, creating a captivating display of natural beauty.

    Strikingly patterned leaves with intricate markings

      Nyctinastic behavior, with leaves folding upward at night

        Adaptability to low to moderate light environments

          Thrives in evenly moist soil and moderate to high humidity levels

            Adds dynamism and natural beauty to any indoor space

          Calathea Concinna ‘Freddie’ is not only admired for its aesthetic appeal but also for its unique behavior. Like other members of the Calathea family, ‘Freddie’ exhibits a fascinating phenomenon known as nyctinasty, where its leaves fold upward at night as if in prayer, hence the name “Prayer Plant.” This rhythmic movement adds an element of dynamism to your indoor space, making ‘Freddie’ a captivating conversation starter.

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