Syngonium ‘Moonshine’


Syngonium Moonshine is a standout beauty ready to impress with its almost white symmetrical leaves and light green margins – it’s impossible to ignore this glowing stunner because the bushy bright foliage lights up any dull space.


Syngonium ‘Red Arrow’ is a beautiful and easy-care houseplant with arrowhead-shaped leaves that are deep green on top and a vibrant red on the underside. It is a fast grower and can be trained to climb or allowed to trail. Syngonium ‘Red Arrow’ is a member of the Araceae family, which also includes pothos and philodendrons. Keep it moist in the growing period but allow to dry out a little in between watering during the winter. Keep in medium to bright light, out of direct sunlight.  It produces vibrant light green, arrow-shaped young leaves with vibrant purple undersides. The leaves develop into a completely different structure with age. Mature leaves are divided into 3 lobes or 5–9 distinct leaflets and these do not closely resemble the young arrow-shaped leaves.

Botanical Name:

Syngonium podophyllum Moonshine

Common Names:

Arrowhead Plant, Moonshine

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