Calathea ‘Makoyana’

Meet Calathea ‘Makoyana’ – Nature’s Living Canvas! With its mesmerizing foliage and air-purifying qualities, this tropical beauty adds a touch of elegance to any space. Bring home the artistry of the rainforest and elevate your indoor oasis with Calathea ‘Makoyana’ today!

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Calathea ‘Makoyana’ – The Exquisite Living Art for Your Indoor Sanctuary! Known for its captivating foliage and unique patterns, Calathea ‘Makoyana’ is a stunning addition to any plant collection. With its lush, velvety leaves adorned with intricate markings in shades of green and burgundy, this tropical beauty brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home or office.

    Stunning foliage with intricate patterns in shades of green and burgundy

      Native to the rainforests of Brazil, thrives in warm, humid environments

        Air-purifying qualities help remove toxins from indoor air

          Requires bright, indirect light and consistently moist soil

            Ethically sourced and grown using eco-friendly cultivation methods

          Native to the rainforests of Brazil, Calathea ‘Makoyana’ thrives in warm, humid environments, making it an ideal choice for indoor cultivation. Its broad, lance-shaped leaves unfurl gracefully, creating a dynamic display of texture and color. As the day progresses, the leaves of Calathea ‘Makoyana’ respond to changes in light, folding up slightly at night and reopening in the morning—a fascinating phenomenon known as nyctinasty.

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