Cordyline ‘Calypso Queen’


Bring a pop of color to your plant collection! These deep purple and pink Cordylines are simple to take care of and can grow to be quite big. Cordylines are in the dracaena family, so they like medium to bright indirect light – avoid direct sunlight as it can burn their leaves. They like their soil moist (but not soggy) at all times, but can tolerate a bit of drought if you’re not the most attentive plant parent. Water less in the winter. They prefer distilled or rain water, or tap water that has been left out overnight – chemicals in fresh tap water can harm their leaves and root systems.


Cordyline ‘Calypso Queen’ is a beautiful and popular houseplant known for its striking foliage. It is a member of the Asparagaceae family, which also includes asparagus, dracaenas, and sansevierias. Cordyline ‘Calypso Queen’ is native to New Caledonia and Vanuatu, and it is named after the Calypso nymphs of Greek mythology.

Botanical Name:

Cordyline fruticosa ‘Calypso Queen’

Common Name(s):

Calypso Queen

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