Rose Water Toner for Face & Hair – Moroccan Rose Petal Water Hydrates and Freshens Dry Skin – 4 fl.oz./120 ml


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Bring a touch of Morocco to your skincare routine with our Rose Water Toner. Sourced from the country’s finest roses; this organic toner will soothe and soften your skin while reducing redness; treating acne; and tightening pores. A few spritzes a day will keep your skin hydrated; refreshed; and glowing. And the best part? This toner can also be used on your hair to add extra shine; reduce oiliness; and soothe any skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a refreshed and revitalized complexion with our Rose Water Toner.

  • Give our skin care product a try and if it’s not working out, we can sort it out together!
  • This facial toner is derived from 100% pure Moroccan rose petals. Some claim these to be the finest rosewater source in the world.
  • Our Rose Water toner is designed to gently settle on skin and seep into and tighten pores. Only a few sprays of this gentle face mist will be enough to moisturize your face effectively. Help keep your skin refreshed and revitalized.
  • Cleansers can sometimes rid the skin of important natural oils, which can hinder your skins’ overall glow. Applying this Rose Water Toner on a regular basis helps revitalize the skin, which can help with redness and impurities.
  • Skin Types: Normal + Oily + Combination + Dry + Sensitive
  • This product, made with 100% pure organic rose water, has relaxing and cooling properties for your skin. A couple of sprays a day will help keep your skin clean, plump, and glowing. Organic rose water helps to remove various irritated areas on your skin, making it look healthier and even feel more soothed!

Morrocan Rose Water; Aqua; Glycerin


Cleanse skin thoroughly & rinse with water. Spray the Rose Water Toner on the face or place a small quantity on a cotton ball and smooth over the desired area. It can be sprayed or applied over hair too. Apply serums; lotions; moisturizers; makeup & any other products after toning skin. This face toner is for all skin types and hair types.

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