Reusable Organic Cotton Tote Mesh Bag w/6 Internal Sleeves w/Logo.


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Our tote cotton bag gives you plenty of room to fill up on everything you desire! With a convenient 6 internal sleeves. Leafy greens; fruits; and vegetables of all sizes are perfect for mesh bags.

Convenient; functional; reusable; awesome!

All made of certified organic cotton – unlike other synthetic plastic-based materials; our bags are polyester-free; nylon-free;  and unbleached for safe use when carrying your fruits and vegetables.

Our tote reusable grocery bags are the only ones with absolutely zero plastics. Our set is the most eco-friendly; zero-waste available on the market and it’s definitely the perfect gift even for the most environmentally conscious people.

*Includes a logo.

Dimensions: 16″x12″

Weight: 0.7 lb.

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