Poinsettia ‘Marble’


The traditional holiday blooming plant, a Christmas Poinsettia, with its dark leaves and pink and white flowers is the perfect gift for family and friends.


Poinsettia ‘Marble’ is a beautiful and unique variety of poinsettia plant. It is known for its large, marbled bracts, which are the modified leaves that give poinsettias their distinctive appearance. The bracts of Poinsettia ‘Marble’ are a deep green color with creamy white veins. The plant also has dark green foliage and sturdy stems.

Poinsettia ‘Marble’ is a relatively low-maintenance plant, but it does require some special care in order to thrive.

Botanical Name:

Euphorbia pulcherrima ‘Marble’

Common Names:

Pointsettia Marble

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