Natrol White Kidney Bean Carb Intercept – 120 Capsules


Control carbs with Natrol White Kidney Bean Carb Intercept! This supplement helps manage weight by inhibiting carb absorption, supporting your healthy diet and wellness goals.

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Natrol’s Carb Intercept® contains Phase 2®, a clinically tested, non-stimulant all-natural white kidney bean extract shown to help control carbs by reducing the enzymatic digestion of dietary starches and delaying the digestion of carbs.

Contains: Soy. NO: Milk, Egg, Fish, Crustacean Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Sesame.


White Kidney Bean, Chromium, Calcium, Hypromellose, Gum Arabic, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract is a clinically tested complex. It is the first carbohydrate “blocker” that is clinically proven to delay the digestion of carbohydrates, which reduces the caloric impact of “starchy” foods.

Not to be confused with the chrome in your kitchen appliances, Chromium is an important mineral that plays a key role is helping transport glucose (sugar) into our bodies cells for energy production. Chromium has also been shown to enhance the effects of insulin, making this mineral important for overall blood sugar health. What’s more, chromium is known for its role in metabolizing carbohydrates, fat and protein. Support you sugar metabolism with Natrol.

Although the importance of calcium seems like old news, 60% of Americans still don’t consume enough calcium in their diet. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body primarily known for its role in bone health. Research has shown that we need between 1000-1200 mg of calcium per day. Natrol Calcium can help bridge the gap between what you are getting in your diet and what your body needs, to keep your bones strong as you age.