GLOBOWL: Tikka Masala Veggie, 4 oz


GLOBOWL’s Tikka Masala Veggie bowl is a savory delight, featuring a medley of vegetables in a rich and creamy tikka masala sauce. Perfect for a quick and flavorful meal on busy days.

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Globowl jars are safe, healthy and fun for babies AND toddlers! We work with pediatricians, pediatric nutritionists and pediatric dentists to ensure that all food is cooked to the proper size and texture as to not pose a choking hazard. The texture is soft enough that a baby without teeth can still gum it. The act of chewing supports oral motor development, enhances a baby’s palate, and teaches them proper swallowing techniques. All of this helps to prevent texture aversion and bad eating habits like overconsumption down the line.

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