ECOVER: Zero Non-Chlorine Bleach, 64 oz


0% Fragrance, dyes or optical brighteners, Naturally powers away stains & deodorizes, Safe on colors and for use throughout your home, Non-toxic & biodegradable Never tested on animals

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Add 1/4 cup to to your each through the bleach dispenser or as machine fills with water. Use more for larger or heavily soiled loads. Add laundry and wash as usual (Test for colorfastness of fabric by applying a drop of bleach onto an inconspicuous area. Check after five minutes)


Apply bleach directly to stain, rub in and wash promptly. Don not allow product to remain on fabric. HOUSEHOLD USE: Add 1/2 cup per gallon of water to dean surfaces. Use gloves when cleaning. (Test on an inconspicuous area before first use.)

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