Dove Men+Care Foaming Body Wash Extra Fresh 13.5 oz


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Getting clean; healthy looking skin has never been so simple. New Dove Men+Care Foaming Body Wash; Extra Fresh has three easy steps: pump for instant lather; wash with rich foam lather for an easy and effective clean; and rinse away quickly and easily leaving skin that feels healthy and hydrated all day long. Dove Men’s Body Wash goes to work on dirt and oil faster than regular body wash; and the Extra Fresh foam helps refresh and revive your skin; jump-starting your morning routine. The fresh; clean scent of this instantly foaming; hydrating men’s body wash is great for an energizing wakeup call and refreshing feeling. With instant hydration in one pump; the foam cleanser gives skin a lift of freshness too using Nutrium Moisture technology in a formula developed specifically for men’s skin. Unlike some other men’s body washes that can dry skin out; this foaming; men’s moisturizing body wash helps skin retain natural moisture; for healthier feeling; clean skin. In fact most men say Dove Men foaming body wash is better than the regular body wash they use most often. This caring and mild formula cleans skin and leaves you feeling 3x fresh all day long.

  • Dove Men+Care Foaming Body Wash Extra Fresh 13.5 oz
  • Out of Hand Soap? Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash is Just As Effective for Cleaning Hands!
  • Instantly foaming body wash cleans skin quickly and easily
  • Foam cleanser that instantly pumps rich lather
  • Complete clean and quick-rinse foam cleanser formula made for men’s skin
  • Foaming body wash that features Nutrium Moisture™ technology
  • Body wash for men with fresh; crisp scent



For a clean face and body; squeeze Dove extra fresh body wash into the palm of your hand. Work it into a light foam lather between your hands and massage onto body before rinsing thoroughly.

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