Yellow Corrugated Paper Boxes 8x6x4″/20.3*15.2*10cm


Brighten up your shipping with durable and eco-friendly Yellow Corrugated Paper Boxes, 8x6x4 inches – the perfect solution for secure and stylish packaging.

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About the product

Introducing the Yellow Corrugated Paper Boxes, sized at 8x6x4 inches (20.3×15.2×10 cm), the perfect packaging solution for all your shipping and storage needs. These boxes are crafted from high-quality corrugated paper, ensuring durability and strength to protect your items during transit. The bright yellow color adds a vibrant touch, making your packages stand out while providing a cheerful unboxing experience for recipients.

These boxes are ideal for small to medium-sized items, offering ample space and reliable protection. The corrugated paper construction provides excellent cushioning, preventing damage from impacts and vibrations. Whether you’re shipping products to customers, moving household items, or organizing your belongings, these boxes are a versatile and dependable choice.

The 8x6x4-inch dimensions make them perfect for a variety of uses, from e-commerce shipments to personal storage solutions. They are easy to assemble, featuring pre-scored folds that ensure a secure and snug fit. Plus, the environmentally friendly corrugated paper is recyclable, making these boxes a sustainable option for eco-conscious consumers. Enhance your packaging with the Yellow Corrugated Paper Boxes, combining functionality, style, and sustainability.

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Dimensions 20.28 × 14.38 × 8.67 cm