Cooling Clay Facial Wash


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1.Activated Charcoal & Tanakura Clay to deep clean & detoxify skin
2.Gentle enough to use daily, or leave on for 5-to-15 minutes as occasional mask
3.Cools & refreshes skin with clarifying Menthol


Clay & dirt have been hanging out together in the Earth’s crust since the dawn of time, so it makes sense that theTanakura Clayin our Cooling Clay Facial Wash binds itself to dirt & oil, drawing them out of pores & sending them back down the drain to the source. If that wasn’t enough, we also added inActivated Charcoalfor more cleansing, detoxifying, exfoliating power, plus coolingMenthol& nourishing moisturizers like Glycerin. The result is a face wash so deeply effective, you can also use it as a mask. Just apply it and leave it on for 5-to-15 minutes, then rinse away. Or use it as your daily face wash. It can wake you up in the morning, or be the final soothing step in your nighttime routine before you hit the sack. Just don’t sleep on it.

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