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Introducing the Kalmar Home Chip n Dip with Ceramic Bowl: Elevate Your Snack Game! Get ready to dip, dive, and delight with our stylish and practical serving solution. Perfect for parties, game nights, or casual gatherings, this Chip n Dip set is designed to impress. The sleek design seamlessly blends into any setting, while the ceramic bowl adds a touch of elegance to your snack spread.

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A beautifully designed Chip n Dip serving tray with a grooved area to hold the ceramic bowl. Perfect for crackers; chips; vegetables or fruit. Ceramic bowl is dishwasher safe. Acacia wood pairs beautifully with the ceramic bowl for an elegant way to serve snacks. Wood tray conveniently holds chips; crackers; veggies or fruit. Glass bowl is perfect for dips; salsas; dressings and quesos. Handcrafted from solid acacia wood; a high-quality hardwood great for culinary applications. Made from environmentally friendly Acacia wood. Distinctive grain. Cleans up easily by wiping with a damp cloth

    The 12″ base is made from solid Acacia Wood, known for its exceptional durability, beautiful grain patterns, and resistance to moisture,

      The ceramic bowl is designed to perfectly complement the natural beauty of the wood and fits securely within the routed area to ensure minimal movement.

        The 2.5″ bowl provides the ideal space for favorite dips, salsas, or condiments while the tray has a small lip to keep chips, crackers or veggies from rolling off.

          So versatile, it can also be used to present an assortment of finger foods, cheeses, fruits, or desserts and is a perfect option for serving appetizers, snacks, and dipping sauces.

            The ceramic bowl can go right into the dishwasher and the wood tray can be easily handwashed with mild soap and warm water.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 4 cm


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