BIO KLEEN: Laundry Powder Grapefruit Seed And Citrus Extract, 10 lb


Experience the zest of clean with BIO KLEEN Grapefruit Seed & Citrus Extract Laundry Powder! Harnessing nature’s power, this vibrant formula blasts through stains and leaves clothes smelling citrus-fresh. Brighten your laundry day, naturally!

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How to use

Use 2/3 scoop for HE loads, delicates or hand washing.
Use 1 full scoop for standard washers.
Pre-treat stains with Bio Kleen Spray & Wipe and try Bio Kleen’s Oxygen Bleach Plus for added laundry boost.

Additional information

Weight 4.79 kg
Dimensions 13.34 × 20.32 × 22.99 cm


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