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Crafted by Nature, Inspired by Beauty: BeNat’s Artisanal Soap Collection! Immerse yourself in the luxurious scents and nourishing ingredients of our handcrafted soaps. Each bar is a masterpiece, meticulously formulated to cleanse, moisturize, and indulge your skin. Elevate your daily routine with BeNat’s Artisanal Soap Collection and experience nature’s artistry in every wash.

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Healthy-looking skin requires the best products in your daily routine. BeNat´s Loofah Soap on a rope. Our Artisanal Bar Collection is the best way to cleanse and soothe your face and body. Enriched with natural ingredients like chamomile; chia; honey; wheat; olive; lemon peel; grey clay; green tea; bamboo extract; parsley; oat; coconut; and almond oil.

    RENEWING; toning; and relaxing soap bar with chamomile and honey for sensitive skin.

    SPECKLESS; antioxidant clarifier and anti-acne soap bar with chia; lemon & parsley for all skin types.

    REASSURING; nourishing soap bar for dry and sensitive skin; with a blend of wheat; olive; and almond oils.

    RESTORATIVE; moisturizing; and exfoliant soap bar with oat; olive; and honey for all skin types.

    PRISTINE; soft exfoliant; emollient & anti-acne soap bar with grey clay bamboo & green tea for all skin types.

Product Dimensions

Each soap bar NET WT: 5.53 oz

2.5-inch circumference x 1.00-inch height

Includes loofah and hangs cord.


Chamomile, chia, honey, wheat, olive, lemon peel, grey clay, green tea, bamboo extract, parsley, oat, coconut, almond oil.

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