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The acne prevention kit includes a mud and arnica mask; a speckless soap bar; and a natural loofah set (8-pcs).

Healthy-looking skin requires the best all-natural products in your daily routine. Speckless Soap Bar with Mud & Arnica mask is the best way to cleanse and soothe your skin. Enriched with natural ingredients; this bundle cleanses; exfoliates; clarifies; and moisturizes naturally.

For all skin types; especially for sensitive and skin prone to acne. It does not contain irritant ingredients. Smell and feel good.

No synthetic dyes; no alcohol; no parabens; no phthalates; no synthetic sulfates. Cruelty-free. Handcrafted with love.

MUD AND ARNICA MASK  removes oil and impurities before they can cause blemishes with powerful exfoliants that can remove dead skin cells to uncover clearer; healthier-looking skin.

SPECKLESS SOAP BAR is the best way to cleanse and soothe your face. Enriched with natural ingredients like chia; lemon; parsley; and coconut oil. This Soap Bar cleanses; clarifies and moisturizes naturally. The soap includes a natural loofah and a hanging cord.

NATURAL LOOFAH also promotes micro-circulation and helps to unclog pores so your skin will be more receptive to your favorite beauty serums or moisturizers.


Underwater; work the soap bar into a lather and apply it. Gently massage it into your skin with a circular motion. Avoid getting soap in your eyes. For facial mask: Mix 2 tsp of our mask powder with enough water to form a homogeneous paste; and apply it; avoiding the eye and lip area for 10 mins. Rinse with cool or warm water and pat dry. Tones and moisturize your skin.  *Use facial mask once a week.


For external use only. Stop use if rash or irritation occurs. Store at room temperature and dry place.


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