50 Corrugated Paper Boxes 6x4x2 “(15.2 * 10 * 5cm) White Outside and Yellow Inside


Pack, ship, and store in style with our 50-Pack Corrugated Paper Boxes – white outside, yellow inside, and perfect for all your packaging needs.

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About the product

Introducing our 50-Pack Corrugated Paper Boxes, sized 6x4x2 inches (15.2x10x5 cm), featuring a sleek white exterior and a vibrant yellow interior. These versatile boxes are perfect for a variety of packaging needs, whether you’re shipping products, organizing items, or storing small goods. Crafted from high-quality corrugated paper, these boxes provide sturdy and reliable protection for your contents.

The white exterior offers a clean and professional look, ideal for branding and labeling, making it perfect for businesses looking to create a memorable unboxing experience. The contrasting yellow interior adds a pop of color, enhancing the visual appeal and making it easier to spot items inside. These boxes are easy to assemble, requiring no tape or glue, thanks to their secure interlocking flaps.

Perfect for e-commerce businesses, retail packaging, gift wrapping, and personal use, these boxes are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their compact size makes them ideal for shipping small to medium-sized items such as cosmetics, electronics, accessories, and handmade goods. Durable and lightweight, they ensure your products arrive safely and in style.

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Dimensions 14.38 × 13.98 × 3.94 cm