Wooden Oven Rack Push Pull Stick; For Oven Rack Push Pull Puller For Baking; Cooking And Grilling By Beech Wood


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Made with beech wood, heat proof, 12” long, fit a full-size oven or a wall oven, humanized design, good grip, so cute and funny shape, instead of potholder, handy, durable and strong, easy to store.
The oven rack push pull can be used for cooking and baking or as a gift.
The Wooden Oven Stick is a handy kitchen gadget that keeps you from burning your hands on a toaster oven.

  • For bakers and younger cook chef
  • Every baker could use this really useful gadget.
  • It safely pulls out the rack and pushes it back in, eliminating the chance of getting burned.
  • Even the young chef, learning to cook in your home, can safely maneuver the racks.
  • Great kitchen gadget for those who frequently bake.
  • 7.88 in. * 3.94 in. * 1.97 in.
  • 0.25 lbs
Here are some tips for using a wooden oven rack push pull stick:
  • Make sure that the stick is long enough to reach the oven rack without having to put your hands in the oven.
  • Be careful not to overload the oven rack, as this can make it difficult to pull out or push in.
  • If the oven rack is very hot, you may need to use two sticks to pull it out or push it in.
  • To clean the stick, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

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